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28 Jan 2012

Lego Star Wars Critique 2010: Set 8097 Boba Fett’s Slave 1 For several Star Wars fans one of the most well known bad guy from the series is not the iconic heavy breather in a black helmet, Darth Vader, however the bounty hunter Boba Fett. As such Boba Runescape Money and his ubiqitious spaceship Slave 1, have appeared in no less than 4 Lego sets.

The first set 7144 was made from generic Lego bricks and released in 2000. It was followed by set 7153 Jango Fett’s Slave 1 featuring Boba and his father Jango in 2002 and this was a major redesign featuring a variety of new specialised pieces.

In 2006, Lego returned for the Classic Star Wars Trilogy and re-released Slave 1 having a Cloud City theme, featuring the minifigures of IG-88, Dengar, Boba Fett , a Bespin Guard and Han Solo in Carbonite minifigures. This design stuck to the majority of the adjustments created in the 2002 Slave 1, just changing the colors to reflect Boba’s redesign of his father’s ship as reflected within the Original Trilogy.

In 2010 Lego once more revisits Boba Fett and Slave 1, this time featuring most likely the very best version figure of Boba himself, if not maybe the ship itself. Set 8097, released as element of Lego’s Star Wars 2010 2nd wave, comes with 3 minifigures; Boba fett, Bossk plus a Han Solo figure that may be fitted to a carbonite block for authentic carbon freeze re-enactment.

The ship looks pretty similar for the prior incarnation, save for the colors which stand out as becoming pretty vibrant versions of their cinematic counterparts. The main colors are dark greens and reds which contrast to the sandy, dull colors of the earlier release but may not be necessarily be additional screen-accurate. The set contains stickers which can be a bummer for hardened fans and flick fire missiles which Lego seems to be adding to just about every new Star Wars set nowadays.

But the main appeal for fans is going to be the figures, the new Boba Fett figure and the exclusive Bossk. Bossk is a amazing representation of the Trandoshan bounty hunter and fans can now lastly re-enact the well-known scene from Empire Strike Back which introduced the bounty hunter scum Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk and IG-88.

At $79.99 and with 573 pieces, the value is actually a tiny steep but seems to reflect Lego’s price tag point at this time and like most Slave 1 sets this will not final too long on shelves. General it really is a amazing set for fans who don’t already have one particular in the other versions and for all those looking for the new figures.

The Boba Fett figure has been featured in seven Cheap RS Gold sets due to the fact 2000 and has also had a highly sought soon after white version produced for promotional purposes. The Boba Fett figure featured in this set would be the most detailed and screen correct version Lego has released and the colors are just glorious. The detail is also fantastic, featuring battle damage to his armour, a helmet separate from his jet pack along with a totally detailed face.

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